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Choosing a database system for your home or business

Are you looking for a custom database for a unique application? You’ve come to the right place. We can create a custom database solution for virtually any business, educational, research or home application. Our software is custom developed using the Microsoft C# development environment, and is designed to run smoothly on any Windows 7, 8 or 10 desktop computer system or PC. Many of our turn key Tracker Ten products are available on the Microsoft Store, and you can be assured that you are getting a professional product that has been accepted by Microsoft.

Further, each database runs on your Windows desktop computer, ensuring security. People cannot maliciously access your data online.

Database Application Builder

One of the services we offer is the custom creation of a database using our proprietary database application builder. We can create a database tailor suited to your exact needs, with fields and data areas setup exactly the way you want. Prices for a custom database start at just $250, significantly less then hiring a programmer to do the job.

Database Consulting Services

Are you unsure about exactly what you need in a database? Do you need performance tuning on an existing database system, performance upgrading, maintenance, optimization, or you looking to migrate your current database to a more suitable system? We can help! We can either design and create a custom solution using our Tracker Ten platform, or we can work with existing Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL and other common database platforms.

Don’t trust your database requirements to a novice, or an unskilled programmer. Our North American developers have over 20 years of industry experience.

If you don’t have the resources to hire a fulltime database architect, database developer or DBA, we may be able to offer you a cost-effective alternative. contact us for a free consultation!

How Do I Create a Database for My Website?

Websites are often used to display information from databases. Examples may include retail inventory, job opportunities, spare parts, class lists, real estate listings, automobiles and more. However, you can’t just use any database for your website. Instead, you require a database that has an API layer that lets it communicate with the outside world. Our custom database solutions optionally offer this layer.

The database may reside on your server (if your server supports our needed technology stack), or it may reside on another hosting server that your website can access. We can also provide these types of hosting services, so that your website can communicate with your database over the internet.

And since our database software is Windows based, you can be assured of security. Only your desktop computer will have full access to modify the contents of your database. Once your database is online, only certain functions will be available to your site visitors.

Creating a Database for WordPress

WordPress is simply a tool that is used to create websites. Therefore, we are able to integrate our database system with WordPress, just like any other website. WordPress does already have support for free databases like MySQL. However, if you opt to use MySQL you still need to create an interface that lets you populate data in your MySQL database, and you still need to design the database itself. This isn’t always a straightforward process, and you may end up spending thousands of dollars hiring programmers and consultants to use your “free” database. With our system we take care of all database setup and interfacing for you, saving you significant money in the long run. contact us for details.

Avoid Database Pitfalls

Have your database professionally designed and avoid common database design mistakes. Some examples of common pitfalls include no normalization (leading to hard to manage duplicate data), poor naming (making it difficult to find the information you need), and poorly defining relationships between data items (leading to poor performance). When we create a custom database for you, we take special care not to make these types of mistakes.

We do this by carefully analyzing your application and the type of data you need to track. In fact, before we create your custom database, we will make sure we fully understand what functionality you need, and exactly what you need to track. Only then will we create your database schema. We don’t want to there to be any ambiguity. This process will ensure that the final product suits your needs.

Database Schema Design Best Practices

A database schema is a blueprint that outlines how your data should be stored to ensure reliable, quick and efficient performance. To design a schema that works for you we consider your application from the point of view of all of your potential users. We will then make sure that the design we come up with is normalized (so that data is not duplicated), and we design constraints to ensure that changes in one part of your data will not corrupt other parts of your data. By reducing duplicate data in this manner, we can avoid inconsistency problems (i.e., If you change data in one place, the change is consistent throughout the system). We will also break down your data into logical parts. For example, when storing an address, the city and state will be stored separately. By organizing data in this manner, when reporting or searching we can easily determine how many of your records contain a specific city, and how many contain a specific state.

Your final product will have a completely transparent, easy to understand design. We will also provide you with detailed documentation, that can support future users and growth.

Windows Forms Easy Database to Learn

Our custom databases are all very easy to learn. They all employ a simple windows form-based interface, with integrated search and reporting features. You do not need to know anything about database development or programming to use our system. In fact, If you download any of our Tracker Ten products on our website or on the Microsoft Store you will see how our interfaces work. When we create a custom database, the interface will look similar to our existing products, expect that all fields and data areas will be customized to suit your specific needs. All custom products will still contain our robust reporting and search features.

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